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the unique

Unna Mobiliário knows that uniqueness lies in details, so we pay close attention to all of them.

What makes Unna Mobiliário an exclusive brand?

It is time to welcome what is unique

Unna embodies the essence of this century’s curiosity and modernity, resulting in singular and timeless living spaces. These projects translate the consumer’s personality since we do not only offer a functional and practical environment, we also provide the experience of making the perfect project real.

How? Paying attention to each step of the process, our bond with each customer is unique, which strengthens relationships of trust, care and respect. After all, being part of this moment is what motivates and inspires us.

Grupo Sandrin

In 2018 Unna Mobiliário was acquired by Grupo Sandrin.
With years of experience in the market of customized projects and focusing on the quality of all products and services provided, we aim to incorporate into our business the essence of all stores owned by Grupo Sandrin, which are dedicated to invest in wellness, innovation and exclusivity.